why publishr?

you run an online store and want more sales

you have a youtube channel that you want more viewers for

you’re in a band and want more merchandise sales

you’re running a conference and want a low-cost way for attendees to get the schedule

you run a local podcast and want to grow your audience in town

 you’re in a band and want more people to listen to you online

you’re a journalist who wants to promote your own writing, without causing problems with the newspaper that you contract with

you’re between jobs and want a low-cost way to showcase your skills close to home 

you’re an artist and you want another way to get your work seen

you’ve got news and discounts for your business and want a cheap way to get them noticed in your local area

bigger uses for Publishr

education in developing areas – simple, easy to produce education, linked to online material using entry-level tech suitable for basic mobile phones

community building – local news, local information, local businesses – low-cost to produce, easy to make

music festivals – low-cost program delivery, advertising and more in a pocket-friendly format that’s kept as a memento, providing post-event merchandising

more info?

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