copyright on items

how does Publishr affect copyright?

each link you create from print to online content links to the original online source that you choose

so each click-thru that Publishr provides only boosts exposure to your chosen content,
along with any existing advertising that’s attached to it

tl;dr – no copyright infringement

does publishr affect existing advertising?

only positively

by increasing exposure in print, any advertising you have in place is exposed to a new audience

does publishr affect ownership of online content?

only positively

by increasing exposure of your content to a new, wider audience through print your ownership of your content becomes more widely known

does publishr copy online content?

no – publishr does not copy content in any way

publishr only links to a url you choose, not to a middleman platform

there’s no content copied, no hosting of other people’s material, no misappropriation, and no ownership theft

does publishr affect traffic to online content?

only positively, by increasing it

any online content featured in a Publishr item is only boosted by being made available in print

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